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Welcome to Kinexus Healing

Kin= family,relations
Nexus= central focal point
Kinexus Healing is about relationships, relationship with self & relationship with others. Kin
family,lineage but also our relationship with the family of humanity.As a Spiritual Intuitive
Healer, I can access your personal records ( your Akash) and bring through relevant
information,that which is your "Need to Know".We will then work together to release

About Kinexus Healing

I was awake and aware from my earliest memories. I always have been able to ‘see’,’hear’ and ‘feel’ the many dimensional layers all around us. I have been using my gifts one way or another for many years, but in more recent times am being spiritually pulled onto what I know is my ‘path’, my true calling in this life, which is to share my gifts as Spiritual Healer with many.

I believe the first step in healing is Self awareness and based on this I guide you through 4 key areas during a healing session:

Expose- patterns,whether thoughts(beliefs) or emotional, that have become stagnant or are creating blockages in the flow of your energetic system. Wherever there is disconnection or disempowerment.

Immediate Help

(044) 702 1896

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Mon to Sat: 09am to 05 pm

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Spiritual Intuitive Healing

Connecting to Spirit, I am able to intuitively see, hear and feel where energetic blockages have been creaated and are held within your physical and light bodies.

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House/Land Healing

Just like people, houses and sites/locations can become energetically affected and congested in much the same way as we experience.

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Whatsapp sessions available

Spiritual Healings can take place without being in the same space or location.Spirit is everywhere, in all things and it is the Intention that directs wherever the energy needs to go.

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Clairvoyant Readings

Clairvoyant Readings are available to those who may be seeking Spiritual Guidance and/or clarity.

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