About us

I was awake and aware from my earliest memories. I always have been able to ‘see’,’hear’ and ‘feel’ the many dimensional layers all around us. I have been using my gifts one way or another for many years, but in more recent times am being spiritually pulled onto what I know is my ‘path’, my true calling in this life, which is to share my gifts as Spiritual Healer with many.

I believe the first step in healing is Self awareness and based on this I guide you through 4 key areas during a healing session:

Expose- patterns,whether thoughts(beliefs) or emotional, that have become stagnant or are creating blockages in the flow of your energetic system. Wherever there is disconnection or disempowerment.

Explore- I will guide you to explore and understand more deeply where these blockages and old patterns have occurred. Through your Ancestral Lineage and Family blueprints.

Enhance- I see that everyone carries “spiritual baggage” and more often than not forget about the gifts we each carry also,our hidden talents. It is my gift to be able to also see these very clearly and bring them to your awareness. I intend to reconnect and empower you by introducing ‘you’ to “the Divine You”.

Elevate- It is my goal,before,during and after a healing session to uplift every person I am honoured to work with. I see the true potential that lies within every being and it is my joy to assist with clearing away what is no longer needed,what may be holding you back from expressing your Highest potential, your own unique Divine Self.