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Spiritual Healings

Connecting to Spirit, I am able to intuitively see, hear and feel where energetic blockages have been creaated and are held within your physical and light bodies.

Through hand scanning (above your body) I am able to pick up relevant information and work energetically to tap into,draw out and assist you in releasing blockages.

Spiritual information is given throughout the healing session and I invite you to be an active participant throughout the session.

Session duration is approximately an hour and a half.

Distanace Healings

Spiritual Healings can take place without being in the same space or location.Spirit is everywhere, in all things and it is the Intention that directs wherever the energy needs to go.

Distance Healings can be arranged over the phone or via the WhatsApp for a video link. For those wanting a Sprirtual Healing session or Clairvoyant Reading.

House/Land Healings

Just like people, houses and sites/locations can become energetically affected and congested in much the same way as we experience.

Energy can become blocked or stagnant and many need assistance to clear and rebalance.

Our homes contain many energies,some of which can impact upon the health and wellbeing of the human residents and may also need assistance to clear(particularly an energy that may be trauma related).

Clairvoyant Readings

Clairvoyant Readings are available to those who may be seeking Spiritual Guidance and/or clarity.

Insights shared can provide a healing outcome.

Sessions are an hour in length and can be given in person or via distance (phone/WhatsApp).